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In 2007 Lizzy went to India with the intention of learning yoga. Something about it pulled her, and has been being pulling ever since. She learned Sivananda yoga on a shady rooftop in Kerala, practiced pranayama with elderly Rajasthanis in Jaipur and joined classes of hundreds in Rishikesh, returning home with a mat, a manual and a regular practice.   As a former burned out Great Britain rower and dedicated gym bunny, yoga became Lizzy's maintenance. She practiced hatha, vinyasa flow and ashtanga, and experimented with Bikram and Jivamukti. But it was when she stumbled upon Ana Forrest’s book, Fierce Medicine, at the London Yoga Show that she knew she’d found her practice. Within a week she’d found a Forrest Yoga teacher and within a year was a certified Forrest Yoga teacher herself.   The power, depth and challenge of Forrest Yoga enabled her to escape from her mind and root back into my body. It helped identify and correct imbalances and weaknesses, move negative energy and address areas of her psyche left untouched by other practices. And this therapeutic angle has become the foundation of her teaching.   Lizzy seeks to help students connect with their bodies, fully experience poses and use them to flush out what doesn’t belong. She also brings her experience as a coach into the studio – meeting students wherever they are and inspiring them with a playful, upbeat style. 

Lizzy Nichol