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Claire Stewart – How I found inspiration in a cup of tea

We went on holiday last week. By the time we went Alan and I were both frazzled. Burned out. Exhausted. Both of us barely able to function, sitting at the computer for hours but only achieving minutes of work. Lacking in inspiration, in positivity, in energy..…what had happened to us? On thinking about why, I came to realise that we had only taken 2 weeks off in the last 18 months. It wasn’t any wonder that we felt this way. Things needed to change.
Today I met a friend for a cup of tea. We sat and chatted about all sorts. Relationships, yoga, meditation, growing up (well getting old actually!), truth, understanding ourselves, eating habits, self-expectations, pleasing others. It was just lovely. I left the coffee shop feeling happy, positive, light and comfortable in my own skin.

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